Maasmechelen Village

Shoppen in stijl

As you might know (or not), The Brunette is a firm believer of the 3 Fs: fitness, food & fashion. And it’s that latter passion that made me fall in love with this client: Maasmechelen Village —an almost magical place in Limburg where you can find all your favourite designers in one place.

Maasmechelen Village contacted her to help them with the setup of a new communication & social media strategy —one that covers all the different designer brands and the new fashionable stories the Village has in store for you every single day.

On the rack: conversation management on Facebook & Instagram, newsletters weekly store visits and fashion photoshoots. Because fashion is fun. And the Village is helping you be creative and discover your own unique sense of style.

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Nele Waelbers

Copywriter, Storyteller & Schrijfcoach

Korenmarkt 15/003
2800 Mechelen

+32 (0)486 16 57 67