Everything starts with words –so does your story.


The Brunette in three words? Blabbermouth, word barista and curious creator. Ever since I was a child, I’ve been full of words. They’re falling out of my sleeve, peeping out of my pocket, and sitting at the tip of my tongue. Seriously, I did the talking before the walking and ‘why’ was my favourite word; it still is. Today, I have more than eighteen years of experience in communications and copywriting.

Editorials, worldly web copy, savvy slogans, newsletters that stick or scroll-stopping social stories: I give you my word. Simple if possible. Imaginative when needed. And always from a crooked angle. I write stories that wake you up like morning coffee. What makes my ♡ skip a beat? Wanderlust-inducing travel, body & mind matters, interior design, politics and all things running.

Mostly I write from my little loft in Mechelen. A place filled with love for the printed word; for ink on paper. A place for the right word, whether it’s big or small. And since The Coffee Shop Effect is no BS, you can often spot me at Coffice, Beans or any other bar filled with the creativity-inducing scent of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Need words without the blah? Let’s talk!

  • It was love at my first word: ‘hello’.
  • Seriously. I did the talking before the walking. Hours-long Fisher-Price phone conversations, no kidding.
  • Another thing I can do for hours: running. And writing about it on Brunette Running.
  • I write the coffee and drink the books; obviously.
  • And rosé. I also drink rosé. When I drink rosé, the words come pouring out of me.
  • I ♡ to-do lists. The old-fashioned kind, on paper, written in black ink.
  • Life quote: [Dutch] ‘Ge weet nooit hoe een koe een haas vangt’. You’re googling that, aren’t you?
  • RBF, aka ‘Resting (or Running) Bitch Face’. That’s me.

Nele Waelbers

Writer & Storyteller

Korenmarkt 15/003
2800 Mechelen

+32 (0)486 16 57 67