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Everyone has a story —I will tell yours.

the brunette

My name is Nele –blabbermouth, word barista and curious creator. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil and a thought. Today, I write for clients from lots of industries, in lots of styles and for lots of mediums. Editorials, captivating web copy, rewritings and translations, slogans that stick or social stories: totally my thing! My passions? Food & health, fashion & lifestyle, travel and sports. I write to inspire others –through my blog, short stories or poems – but above all, I write for you: I will tell your story.

I live in Mechelen, a city between Antwerp and Brussels. Mostly I write from home, but you can also find me at Coffice or some other cozy coffee place in the city. Indulge me with writing jobs and I will surely live happily ever after…

  • Boss bitch who believes good things happen to women who hustle
  • Compulsive and unstoppable chatterbox
  • I write the coffee and drink the books; obviously—
  • Blogger & marathon girl at Brunette Running
  • Certified PT (EREPS 3)
  • Rosé lover
  • Life quote: First we do the coffee, then we do the things’
  • Secret (but nonetheless loud) car karaoke singer
  • Suffering from infamous RBF (Resting/Running Bitch Face)

Nele Waelbers

Storyteller & Word Barista

Hanswijkstraat 8 D3
2800 Mechelen

+32 (0)486 16 57 67

BE 0715.956.010